Father has advanced cancer

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Father has advanced cancer


We got news this morning that the chemo therapy my dad has for his liver/gallbladder cancer did not work, the cancer is aggressive; and it’s stage 4. There is nothing we can do and they’ve referred us to hospice and palliative services. 


I keep hearing stories of people coming out of hospice though, although eventually they go back in.  


I don’t  know what to do and need support. 

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Re: Father has advanced cancer

Hello sss,


I found this stage to be the most raw moment out of all of them. Your story sounds a little like mine recently, (tho different type of cancer). My mother had stage 4 and was placed in palliative care as well, we eventually made arrangements for her to come home with us and spend her last few weeks there. But every story is different and yes, some people do get out of palliative care as well.


All you need to do, is take it one moment at an time and seek support/love from your family and friends. 


I posted the following advice on another form but thought it could apply here too.


" * Contact the cancer council for local support groups.


Cancer Council 13 11 20 is a free, confidential telephone information and support service run by Cancer Councils in each state and territory. If you have a question about cancer, or if you're seeking emotional or practical support, call 13 11 20 to speak to our specially trained staff.


Or visit their website for more information?


* There is 1300MHCALL (1300 64 22 55) - Mental Health Services Access. They are able to provide information regarding supportive services and etc. You could even call them and find what services/groups are available.


* Talk on here, everyone always love to listen and help."

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