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Hi I'm here looking to share with someone/people in a similar situation. My husband was diagnosed 3 years ago with advanced prostate cancer/metases into his bones. He is currently undergoing 2 forms of chemo - intravenous and tablet. At 54, he's young but the diagnosis was too late. So I'm the carer - working at the same time and taking care of the small 5 acres that we have. Everything was possible when it was the two of us, now it all seems so overwhelming and I seem to just be doing everything. My stepdaughter is here and she helps but she's 20 and so is on the brink of her own life. So - my husband is currently depressed and i know that partly it's due to the meds, but is this it? Is this how he will spend the rest of his life? staring out into space, making v little conversation? Its just so sad. So that's me!
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