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Hi There :)

Hi Everyone, Im new here. In 2011 my mum was diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer.She had a full mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation. She had 19 lympth nodes taken aswell. Now just recently she had a blood test that came back as her tumor blood was very high, so the emotional rollarcoast happened again. But after bone scans and a CT scan there was no sign only a couple suspect nodes in her stomach so in a couple of weeks she is off to have a PET scan. Im hoping that everything is fine, but deep down I really don't know how to cope again if it has come back. Which is why I have joined this sight. I think talking about it might just help.
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So sorry to hear you are going through this Tarka627, it is undoubtedly one of the worse things people have to go through, to be honest the only thing you can do is to support her whatever the outcome, the chances of everything being fine is a very good chance, you will find a way of coping, most people do, we are surprisingly very capable at things that are thrown at us, yes she needs ur support but she can support you as you will need it too just from a different angle, just talk to her when u feel she is up to it, she may want that too good luck to you both, I hope it is a good outcome 🙂
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