How to deal with the cancer diagnosis of a best friend

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How to deal with the cancer diagnosis of a best friend

Hi there


i have a beautiful amazing best friend who has just been given her second cancer diagnosis in 18months and I’m really struggling as to what I can do to help her. We don’t live close to each other so that makes it so much more difficult.


this second cancer diagnosis is much more serious than the first one she received 18months ago and my heart is breaking for her because I love her more than words can say and I don’t want to lose her.


what do I do 

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Re: How to deal with the cancer diagnosis of a best friend

Continue being the great friend you already are - Be there for her: You don't need to give advice, you can simply listen and be supportive. It's okay if time doesn't allow for physical present, you can provide support via emotional needs. You could send flowers, have general conversations about daily life or news, tell some jokes, send an care package, books and so forth. Please see the link down below, I believe it could of be some assistances as well.


For additional advice regarding general helpful tips: - Supporting a friend who has cancer

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