Husband and daughter - coping with caring

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Husband and daughter - coping with caring

Coping with my daughter and husbands diagnosis and treatments has been hard but lovely too. Our daughter had a minigioma 5.5 cm in her brain, it was removed but the skull became infected so they replaced it with a titanium plate. 10 years on she now has three more tumours. The largest on the main artery in her brain. My husband is in FHS following surgery to remove his esophagus cancer. They are both amazing. Positive and willing to do whatever it takes. They help me more than i can ever help them with their brilliant attitude. Dont let your loved ones diagnosis make you miserable, it is hard, but sharing a laugh and a hug makes it so much easier. Stay positive, listen to the doctors and get on and enjoy life! Go for a walk, listen to music, watch the sunset and breath in the air. All will be well. If the worst happens at least you know their final years where happy and you did your part to make life worth living. Being sad, angry and depressed won't solve any thing. Keep smiling and good luck to all xxx


Re: Husband and daughter - coping with caring

Hello Cathy, 

Sorry to read what you and your family is going through. 

I am 46 years old and have brain cancer, my doctors only gave me14 months to live. It has been 19 months now and I am still fighting it and not giving up anytime soon.

I can’t do anything to change what I’m going through so I am going to get the most out of what time I have left with family and friends.

My family and friends have been a great support and being positive about fighting my GBM has been easier on them.


I echo your comments precisely.

Take care


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Re: Husband and daughter - coping with caring

Thank you. I am sorry for your diagnosis and wish you a happy life. This evening is lovely outside. Im sitting in my garden enjoying the breeze. Take care.

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