In a good place now :-)

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In a good place now :-)

My mum has the all clear! What an emotional roller coaster it has been. Just saying the words makes me feel like crying. I have spent the past year pretending it would all be ok while inside believing the worst. I am so incredibly happy I was wrong! It was absolute hell for my mum, she had a mastectomy, chemo, radiotherapy and now is on drug treatment. And in the middle of all the treatment she had a blood clot in her lung and is now on twice daily blood thinning injections for the rest of her life (2nd major clot she has experienced) she ended up in hospital with an infection where they put the port in, involving a second op to remove it, couple of weeks in hospital on iv antibiotics then home still on them, multiple trips to the hospital each week for dressing changes, then finally they got a line in to do the remaining chemo (after many, many attempts, her veins do not like to co-operate) plus if there was a side effect you might get from the treatment she got it! Then finally radiation burns from the radiotherapy! Her husband just adores her and I am so glad she has him in her life. He was the most fantastic support for her. I was there to be her whinging post 🙂 I knew she did not want to say too much to him as he was already stressed enough about it all so I designated myself as the whinging post, with me she could complain all she liked, admit how terrible it was etc etc. I think it helped her to have somewhere to let it out - at least I hope so :-) Initially she was planning on refusing to be tested after the treatment as she said she would not have the treatment again in any case but she did and those words... I got the all clear... I can't even begin to describe the emotions I felt. Even now, 3 weeks later, I still choke up thinking about it. My Mum is so incredibly precious and special to me. I think my internal negative voice was because I was too scared to get my hopes up in case the worst happened. At least I knew I would never have the regrets of not telling her what she meant to me. Every time we spoke, phone or in person since I left home 27 years ago I have told her that I love her. It was good knowing she knows. So, a long journey, a very tough journey, and one hell of a woman! My mum, and all of us, have made it through to the other side. Love life everyone, it's so precious.
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