Lung Cancer diagnosis has moved to brain

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Lung Cancer diagnosis has moved to brain

Hi. I’m new here and I’m a caregiver to the most precious 88 year old blessing! I’m really here for support and knowledge of what to expect so that I’m ready for what’s coming. I took her in to have what we thought was a cyst on her neck removed but found out it was an adenocarcinoma with a primary location somewhere else. In March we done a scan and found the lung cancer (2cm). The cut the neck mass off and she started feeling better. Last week she got a UTI and the infection made her very confused (sorta like dementia). But a week later we all think it’s now in her brain bec the confusion isn’t better with antibiotics. (Her son is a doctor and that’s his opinion). She refuses treatment and further scans to verify. 

now I want to know what to expect from her as the next little bit passes and she worsens. She is out of her mind and I know that’s normal if the cancer has spread to her brain. But as her caregiver, what can I honestly expect from her and how long will she last in stage 4? I have a lot of questions. 

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