Medical Professionals and Things

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Medical Professionals and Things

Mum still here, everyday can be a curse and a blessing... Geez it makes me angry when these medical "so called" professionals give one a whipping because you missed a prescription. Guess they see it all the time but still what gives them the right - so much anger. Some have been angels on earth, compassionate but some of them I wonder why they are doing that job. Early when Mum was diagnosed I was told off by doctors and nurses for not giving her enough pain killers. I mean... geez I am not a nurse! I am just her very depressed, worried daughter. Mum has a new doctor now and he wants her to see him, she is agraphobic, fairly ill and not very mobile at all. Can they comprehend how difficult it is for her and the person that cares for her. If they see this all the time, have they not learnt anything. Have they had to care for someone this sick? Maybe, maybe not. It is a worry. Geez I have learnt alot.
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Re: Medical Professionals and Things

Hi Trish, I do hope the best for you and your mum. You are going through a rough time at the moment and yes do vent. No one can ever know how or what you are going through. I have always believed it is the whole family who is affected by this horrid disease not just the victim. Much blessings to you and your family Annie
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