Mum Diagnosed With Lung Cancer


Mum Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Hi Everyone, My darling Mummsy has been diagnosed with lung cancer. At this point in time we don’t even know what stage. We do know that it’s in both lungs but scans don’t show it has spread to her stomach or naval which is what her GP was worried about. We see specialists next week to book further tests to see where she’s at. I’m terrified as she’s sleeping a lot and has lost so much weight. I’m angry that this wasn’t picked up sooner as I’d been begging her to go to another GP for months and months as I wasn’t happy with what her old GP was telling her. It took me booking her in to my GP and forcing her to go for this diagnosis. Am I overreacting being so worried that the cancer is in both lungs? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you 

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