My mum diagnosed with 3rd cancer diagnosis in 3 years

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My mum diagnosed with 3rd cancer diagnosis in 3 years

My mum was first diagnosed with bowel cancer in April 2016. It was easily diagnosed, successful surgery and chemo treatment.


For 12 months she had good results but then in late 2018 cancer was found in a muscle near her stomach. This was harder to detect/diagnose and harder to operate on too.


She had surgery & then radiation and all seemed fine. She was then getting pain on that side & put if off for a while putting it down to pain/side effect to radiation.  Mid April this year it was found she had a tumour that was near her rib cage - over the few weeks the pain got so intense that tests showed it was wrapped around her rib & a nerve. She has to have 3 rounds of very targeted radiation in a week and then (hopefully) surgery to remove it.


I live interstate and find it really hard being away from family during this. I also feel like my parents are holding information back in this last one and I'm a mix of emotions too.


On one hand I'm scared, worried & upset my mum is 63 she is too young to leave us and on the other hand I'm angry - angry that she didn't do anything to try and adjust her lifestyle after her first diagnosis back in 2016. I feel bad being angry at her (though I don't express it to her) but I just don't know what to do or say

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Re: My mum diagnosed with 3rd cancer diagnosis in 3 years



Frustration and the feeling of helpness can often result in indirect anger, whether you are angry at yourself or others around you. Communication is always the key, did you thoughtful express your feelings to your family or even friends? You shouldn't leave things to bottle up, they can manifest themsleves into other parts of our lives. Besides they are your family, they love you - don't be afraid to tactful express your feelings or worries. 


And from there, prehares additional suggestions and ideas can be offered about lifestyle and etc.


However if you feel that maybe your not quite ready and need additional advice/support, you could always try contacting the cancer council:
Ph: 13 11 20 for support services or check at what they have to offer online instead?




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