My sister has cancer and its spreading

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My sister has cancer and its spreading

My sister has always been the life of the party ..very at 53 her body is riddled with lymphoma. On top of that she lives with our 85 year old mother who is wheelchair bound and takes care of her full time. My sister has a large strong church that is very involved in helping them both. My sister has 2 types of cancer and already went through some of the strongest chemo available. At the end of the treatment the cancer had shrunk enough that she wasn't in danger. But now just 6 months later she has cancer in 8 different areas...some registering as high as a 10 on the pt scan.

I live 150 miles away from my mom and sister. I was originally diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but now am diagnosed with the worst form of bipolar. Im 57..almost died of alcohol 10 years ago...(haven't drank since)...had hepatitis c for 34 years...took the medication and am now cured...lived a risky reckless life...was a heroin addict 35 years ago...haven't done any drugs since...yet Im in fine health. But am bedridden and disabled from my mental state.

My fathers dead and my sister and I never had children and neither one of us are married. I can read the writing on the mom and sister will be gone and I will have no family. I feel terrible that my mind is so messed up I can't even make the trip to see my mom and sister. But frankly my condition is not much of a help to their problems. We speak on the phone almost every day via video calls so I feel close to them. We are all Christians and believe in heaven but the whole situation is so sad. I've been trying to take less psyche meds but I don't want to be an emotional wreck for whatever lies ahead.... 

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Re: My sister has cancer and its spreading



It's good to see that your family has a very deep and strong emotional support system behind them, through their faith, family and friends. Also the added fact that you communicate daily with your family must be an tremendously reassuring and supportive as well.


If your family needs additional support or assistance. You could contact the Cancer Council, they can offer an range of services and advice to assist.  E.g. Assistance with home care, emotional help, legal and financial servies and etc. The link below will explain the details further.


"Cancer Council 13 11 20 is a free, confidential telephone information and support service run by Cancer Councils in each state and territory. If you have a question about cancer, or if you're seeking emotional or practical support, call 13 11 20 to speak to our specially trained staff.


You can also call 13 11 20 to find out about our range of support services for people affected by cancer in your local area, including" -




You could also contact them in regards to finding an specialist/second opinion:  or contact them directly  to help you find one, after you explain the situation. Ph: 13 11 20. (We did this to find our specialist at the mater hopsital as she had an rare cancer).




For emotional support - - Check out the cancer support site.


* There is 1300MHCALL (1300 64 22 55) - Mental Health Services Access. They are able to provide information regarding supportive services and etc. You could even call them and find what services/groups are available.

* Talk on here, everyone always love to listen and help.


There are many options to review to see which would best work for you or your family. Don't be afraid to  seek for answers or to ask for help.  Many people have experienced an similar account to yours.

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