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Hello, I am new to this site. My husband has bladder cancer, although it has not ever been in his bladder. He has had a kidney removed and now the cancer has gone to his lymph system and is travelling about stopping wherever it wants to. Chemotherapy has been of some help. However, in the last little while, my husband has had a complete confidence change. He went from being a very positive and confident person to someone who can't even decide if he wants a cup of tea or not. He can not work. Our finances are completly ruined along with any retirement plans we have previously held. I feel like I'm doing everything. I'm the one that is working full time, running every aspect of the home and now trying to do something with our finances that are shattered loved one? Thanks for listening. Governor
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Hi Governor You are going through a lot just at the moment. Cancer is an awful disease as it, and the side effects of the treatment can change a person totally. It certainly messes up the finances. You may need to consider financial counseling and it is worth talking to your superannuation people and to centrelink about his and your options. It will fall on you however, as it is clear that your husband at present cannot do this. You need to have some support yourself and it is definitely worth ringing the cancer helpline 13 11 20 and talk to them about your issues. It might be worth contacting Carer's Australia as well - . All of us in this area find that at times we need some counseling - have a talk to your GP because you can get this on medicare both for yourself and for your husband. It is also worth talking to your oncologist - if a person is terminally ill, i.e. if their normal prognosis is that they will not live for longer than a year, then they can access superannuation tax free. If they live longer than a year, or if they respond to new treatment, they do not have to pay it back. Hope this helps Regards Sailor I keep sailing on in this middle passage. I am sailing into the wind and the dark. But I am doing my best to keep my boat steady and my sails full. Arthur Ashe
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