New Pancreatic Cancer carer

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New Pancreatic Cancer carer

Hi Everyone,

I am April 56 years and have become not only wife but carer for my Husband  of 22 yrs Brett 51 whom was diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer in June 2018 just after we had a holiday. Whoa what a rollor coaster ride we have had. I think we are getting there. Day by day we take each day as it comes on the day.

I totally understand now what people go through when they get the diagnosis and their partners, relatives what a blow away.

Brett has had some chemo as we were trying to shrink the 4cm tumour in the head of his pancreas so he could have the whipple surgery, by all tests had said no other cancer anywhere not even in the lymph nodes so yay we thought we have got this after 3 treatments of Chemo the strongest they could find we found that the tumour did shrink so they could go in and do the surgery. That was September 24th when the doctors went in had a look and came back with sorry its aleady in his liver and peritonium which is the lining around all the organs.  Bugger that was not what we were hoping for, we knew the operation was going to be huge and I would be off work to care for him after, so with this news I took that time anyway as they took out his gall bladder as a preventative up the track. Since then I have retired and become Bretts carer, which he doesnt need too much yet.  At the same time he has not needed any more chemo so we are getting out and about as much as we can, Tassie, melbourne moto GP Bretts a big Motorbike race fan and me' We went on a 3 night stay in Maleny and have just come back from Fraser Island which we had never been too. Each time it takes it out of us after the trip. Both of us but we are having our retirement as we wanted to.  Bretts bought another adventure bike and we try to get  this out as much as possible, If we is not up to it one day we go the next time we can. All I can say  is enjoy every day every moment and live your life as you would have.

We are OK now probably because we dont know whats next and you know sometimes it is easier that way.

April and Brett

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Re: New Pancreatic Cancer carer

April and Brett

Sorry to read about  Brett’s diagnosis and the metastasis of Pancreatic Cancer ,excluding the chance of Whipple Surgery ,that’s all you can do ,as you both are ,by taking it one day at a time,doing as much as is possible when Brett feels up to it,as a carer of a loved one with this cancer it is very hard with emotion ,and stress,flowing through you both at this very difficult time .I was very fortunate to have a Whipple years ago and still be around ,I have lost quite a few friends to this disease ,but I have learned many lessons from my departed friends,they helped me with their friendship,compassion and dignity about how they faced what was ahead.


 Enjoy the adventure bike safe travels,best wishes.


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