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Hi there, my name is Maddy & my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in June. It's been a tough struggle as he doesn't want anyone else to know; it's his way of coping. We have 2 children, 3 & 6 & I've had to work, look after them (as he ducks off for treament), renovate our house (which didn't even get close to the reserve price at auction this week), clear the house & move from Tasmania to Adelaide (to be closer to his sister & her family) without much assistance. We've been here a month & he's already been back to Tas twice & spent a week there each time. The hospital mucked up his transfer treatment so instead of ongoing treatment, they had him down for once off here. We've had to pay for the tickets but then Jetstar refused his return flight despite printed proof. Consequently he's been stuck there all week wrangling with them & trying to raise the money to return. His health has deteriorated & now he's back in hospital! I've come to the end of all I can handle by myself (his sister is always busy & I've only seen her twice in the past month)& started to reach out for help. Have counselling through work on Monday as I've had so much unpaid leave lately, we've now fallen behind in all bills & struggling to make ends meet. I don't have any family in Australia & only a few (living) overseas. At least I have contact with old friends via Facebook otherwise I think I'd go insane!! Looking to share experiences with others. It's nice to know that you truly are not alone & that others are going through the same horrible experiences 🙂
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