Supporting your loved one in grief

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Supporting your loved one in grief

I thought I'd ask for advice on the best ways to support a loved one through the process of losing a parent to cancer. My father-in-law was diagnosed earlier this year with Stage IV Pancreatic cancer, which has now spread to the whole abdominal area. My husband and I married in August this year to ensure he would be able to be there, which provided a positive goal for him. HOwever, he was admitted to hospital last week, and it doesn't look like he will come out. His family are basically non-communicators. No hugs, no talk of emotions, how they're feeling - nothing. I'm the opposite. So I'm finding it difficult to find ways to support my husband when he expresses a desire to talk more about his emotions and how he is feeling - but doesn't do this or feels unable to. I don't want him to feel guilt or regret when his father passes, and I've suggested counselling for him to try to work through how he is feeling. But I thought that people who had gone through this may also have some advice. Thanks in advance !
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Re: Supporting your loved one in grief

Hi There, I myself have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and although I don't really know you or your family my fiance's family are similar in the o emotion sense. I think the important thing is to just remind him that you are there and when he needs to he will know where to turn. Unfortunately you him to only support him as everyones needs are individual. I hope this helps, like I said I am new this. Mel
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