Testing for Cancer

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Testing for Cancer

Hi. I'm sorry if this is a silly question. My father has survived Melanoma, prostate and bowel cancer. My mum has also survived bowel cancer and my pop died from Luekemia. I am 30years old and have 3 young boys and a husband. has anyone had testing for cancer on a regular basis, is there such a thing? Due to family history, I'm very worried about getting cancer.
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Re: Testing for Cancer

Hi kiboro1 - Not a silly question at all!!! Speaking to your GP would be your first step. I have just been to see a genetics counsellor as my mother and her sister suffered early onset breast cancer as well as ovarian cancer (sadly both have passed) without a surviving sufferer i was unable to be genetically tested although they deem me a "high risk" candidate and treat me as such. I am off today to see the oncologist to embark on my journey of preventitive surgical treatment - so in short, no your question is valid and if you dont ask questions you will never know! Good luck on your journey.
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