The impact cancer has on mental health

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The impact cancer has on mental health

Hello, my name is Mel. 


My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and i know i personally struggled with mental health as a result. I'm also a university student, studying Social Design where the aim is to create change. My aim is to increase awareness of the mental health of those impacted by all kinds of cancers and hopefully encourage people  start a conversation about it. 


For anyone who would like to support me in this project, I do have a few questions to give me some insight on the issue. 


1. How has cancer and mental health impacted you or someone you know?

2. Was any support available to you during or after that difficult time?

3. What barriers do you think prevent people from accessing help?

4. What people or places helped you most during that time ?


Thank you in advance for your love and support. 

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