any info please - liver

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any info please - liver

Hi, Im new to the forum. I would appreciate any info anyone is able to provide. I am a cancer survivor of 5 years, I am healthy and doing well. The question I have is regarding primary liver cancer. My partner was diagnosed with fatty liver over 5 years ago and had his last blood test about 9 months ago showing abnormal liver readings, the doctor spoke of liver mass however I was not there in the appointment with him and he is vague with his recollection, he has been recalled for follow up tests however he is refusing to go. He is 43 years old and the symptoms he is currently having are quite horrible such as; liver pain, headache, nausea, he is pale and tired (although he works 80 hours a week). I was just wondering if anyone out there could let me know of the symptoms they experienced with the liver? I am pulling my hair out with him as I can not get him to the doctor, & I do not know what to do. Obviously being a cancer survivor I understand the importance of a timely diagnosis, and also the fact that he may not have cancer, however right now he is not looking good & I am extremely concerned. Any help or information would be appreciated. Thankyou
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Re: any info please - liver

Hi Happy11. I'm sorry I don't have any experience with liver cancer. I just wanted to acknowledge your post and say my wish for you is that you will find the strength and resources to help you through this. I know that I have found this site very useful to 'offload' some of my concerns and frustrations and I hope that you will find it helpful too. Kind regards, Mrs Elton
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