being pushed away

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being pushed away

my dad has been told he has lung cancer 8 weeks ago then has a funny turn spent the next week in hospital with brain tumor which ended being removed now in pain management in and out of hospital. starts chemo today on air and medication too help him breath.. he will not let us 3 children see him we are aged 48 51 52 5 grandkids coursing so much stress and anger. the lady he has been with for 9 years have said to keep away.she has imformed us on what is going on but every time we ring he dosent wont us there.. which has made us upset with her now dad said if we upset her we are no longer in his life.. what do we do stay away and not see him so he dose get upset because this is the last thing we wonna do to our dad we wonna repect his wishes but wonna see him to..or just go no matter what he says...please help.. all we wonna do is see him hug him and tell him we love him
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Re: being pushed away

Hi This is a very difficult situation for you too be in. I don't think going over there will help if he has said not to. Maybe writing a letter to him and perhaps a separate letter to her saying that you want to be part of this journey for him and letting him know you love him. You never know she might be really needing some support through this too so you could support each other and in turn improve the current situation. Hope this helps, take care.
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