in need of some advice please

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in need of some advice please

hi there I'm new to this so not to sure what to do or say but here I go... my partner has Ewing's sarcoma and will need a year worth of chemo and all so 6 weeks of radiation therapy we are 3 months in to the chemo and radiation is meant to start on Monday but my partner has said he has had enough and is not going to do it anymore as we open the mail today we had a bill of $2000 for the radiation and we cannot afford that by Monday we were not told about this at all we have a small amount of money saved for while he was a away rent food I said that this is more important and he just says that our 3 children are not going to go with out. dose any one know if they will still treat my partner if we can afford it
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Re: in need of some advice please

Hi, I have never heard of someone having to pay for seems almost criminal to me. My hubby has a GBM (grade 4 brain tumour...has just finished his second lot of radiation as the tumour reappeared 2 yrs on. We were never ever told there would be a cost. I am need to be asking questions to your oncologist/radiologist or GP, my heart goes out to you as I think it is a disgrace. I live in QLD , not sure about you and whether other states are different, even try cancer council for advice. Good luck, Wynette
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