just don't know what to say

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just don't know what to say

I have been reading the posts here and I want to reply to them and try to make these poor people feel a little better but just have no idea what to say. So I have decide to just add my own post and say I wish everyone luck on getting through their horiable sad times. It all makes me feel like I have very little to worry about with my boyfriend having melanoma because at least he is seemingly healthy at the moment. I guess my time will come but for now I have decided to just go along with him and act like nothing much is going on. I am guessing there will be plenty of tough times ahead for us so untill then I will try not to worry. My heart goes out to each and every one of you. I remember back to when my step dad was suffering, it was a very hard 5 months but luckly not to long. I think its better when its a shorter time. I hated watching him suffer. Most of or family sat with him on his last day and he hung on till most of us had left to go home. We got a call about 5 minutes after we were home that he had passed away. So sad but also a releaf that is suffering had come to an end. To everyone out there I wish you luck and strengh to deal with everything you need to deal with. Thats all I have to say right now. My thought are with you all.
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