Coping with a diagnosis

Being diagnosed with cancer is a shock for anyone, and the first few weeks after learning that you have cancer can understandably be a bit of a blur.


You’ll be given a great deal of information about your cancer and you’ll likely have to make lots of decisions about your treatment, how to tell your family and your friends. You might be working and be worried about your finances.


Feeling overwhelmed is normal. The key is to find reliable information and access the right support for you.



Talking to someone about it

If you’re in Australia, contacting Cancer Council’s Information and Support service on 13 11 20, which is a local call from anywhere in Australia, is a great first step to take. Talking to our trained health professionals, can take a lot of the uncertainty out of what your next steps might be.


You may also like to...

  • Talk to someone who has had cancer - one-to-one telephone support with a trained Cancer Council volunteer.
  • Post in the Cancer Cancer Online Community, our I've just been diagnosed forum is a great place to start.

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