6 year old daughter lymphoma?

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6 year old daughter lymphoma?

My 6 year old daughter had around a month of night sweats that went away about a year ago. This happened a couple of times but has not happened since.


For over a year, she has been complaining of constant sore knees, ankles, wrists, elbows and hand and foot knuckles. Sometimes it is dehabilitating and she needs to be carried on longer walks.


Around the same time she developed a constant sore stomach.


She has more recently developed a constant sore throat and top of the head.


She has always been low weight and it’s a very healthy diet.


I was googling last night and found out about lymphoma. So last night I felt her glands which seem pea-sized under her neck and arms.


I have been to her paediatrician and our family doctor multiple times and she has only ever done blood tests that she said were fine.


Would something in the blood tests have ruled out lymphoma? We have been trying to figure this out for over a year and so I am not sure why the doctors have not done further tests given her symptoms.


Would her blood tests have ruled out lymphoma? Can I ask for certain tests that may help with a diagnosis? And should I get a second opinion for the 100th time?



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Re: 6 year old daughter lymphoma?

Morning @Mama,


Sorry to hear what your daughter is going through Smiley Sad


Just checking in and seeing how both yourself and your daughter are doing this week?


Have you been back to the GP and paediatrician as yet? Remember you are entitled to seek out additional opinions too.


Lymphoma can be picked up via a blood test, you'd need to request those to be tested for specifically. 



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