Docetaxel - what side effects to expect

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Docetaxel - what side effects to expect

Hi everyone hubby will be starting a new treatment this week and I am trying to get a handle on the side effects of the new drug. Up until a couple of months ago he was on Alimta as a sole dose ( no carbo/cisto ). He now needs to change as looks like a resistance of the drug has occurred. He had paclitaxel and carboplatin a while back and had a severe reaction to it so I am very nervous about how this treatment will go. The doctor has said this time round it will only be the docetaxel with no carbo or cisto with it... Would really like to hear from anyone who has had the docetaxel previously...
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Re: Docetaxel - what side effects to expect

Hi Win...sorry this post is so long after your original post, but I have just (2 weeks)been put on Docetaxel after failures on a few other Chemo`s and Immunatherapies (including Alimta),I have had quite a few reactions that differ, magnify some of the other side effects I have experienced.The main ones are spots on the skin (can also be LOW platelets) aches and pains, mouth ulcers. vision blurry,and now hair loss. (Let me know if you get this post. I have had recent trouble getting posts put on the boards) Greg
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