How to find out exact diagnosis

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How to find out exact diagnosis

Hi there I am looking for some sort of advice. My father in law was diagnosed with inoperable tonsil cancer with 8 weeks to live. They gave him an option of radical ration treatment to try to prolong in his life, and he accepted. He had the radiation treatment which was quite horrific, and his last treatment was probably 3-4 months ago. Since then, his follow up appointments, he has gone to on his own. He says his doctor is pretty much telling him that he is in remission. He still takes morphine at night and pain killers and has no appetite. He was an alcoholic and still struggles to drink alcohol. He had his first body scan appointment on Wednesday and he told us that they were overbooked and called him to cancel the appointment. I thought this was quite strange. He has also started to revisit his finances and it seems that perhaps he is either scared of what this body scan might reveal or he has been advised of something bad and is not telling any of us, instead stating that he is in remission. Is there a way that I can find out his cancer diagnosis with his doctor or hospital or even find out if he cancelled the body scan appointment? We are concerned as he is acting strange and is telling lots of white lies, so we have no idea what is really going on?  Any assistance or advice would be extremely appreciated. Thanks
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Re: How to find out exact diagnosis

There is no way any doctor or hospital would, or should, release that information to you without his consent. I can understand that you are concerned though. The only way you'll get answers is to talk to him about it. If he insists that he is in remission, well, there is not much you can do... it is his right to keep that information to himself.
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