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Hello everyone, My name is Bianca, I live in Sydney's Inner West with DH and ID 4 yo twin sons. One of my sons used to have a freckle that grew and changed into a large darkened mole, its surface changed and is is a bit lumpy. It's about 5 mm in diameter. My son's doctor said that it is not common for children to have skin cancers, and we shouldn't worry for now. But I'm loosing sleep over it and can't stop worrying. How can I get this checked? Do we need a referral to go to a clinic? Any help is immensely appreciated. Thank you all in advance
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I suggest getting a second opinion from another doctor from a different surgery. The other thing I would suggest is to ask for your son to have a PET scan, but they may not do these on a child so young because they will have to inject him with a radioactive isotope. I hope you are able to find a doctor who is a little more proactive than the one you have now. My fingers are crossed that it is nothing serious though. Take care.
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