Lost my mom for breast cancer, never stopped learning and planning how to defeat cancers.

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Lost my mom for breast cancer, never stopped learning and planning how to defeat cancers.

I tend to go straight to the point, well, who would volunteer some time and patience to help me with getting doctors devoting time to consider my ideas, there are forums that seem to be designed by bureaucrats with exigencies concerning the format of texts... for now I will just explain that possible breakthroughs in defeating solid tumors, may be achieved by means of the transmutation of low energy isotopes ( fewer side effects) and the chemical reactions that could inactivate proteins and enzymes inside target cells.


As a previous reading, I'd recommend this:



and this:




Here is a glimpse of what could be achieved via transmutation of isotopes previously absorbed by cancer cells: 

Carbon radioisotopes C14 and C15 have half lives which are very different, but both transmute into nitrogen. The half life of carbon 14 is 5715 years and the half life of carbon 15 is 2.45 seconds, if a solid tumor absorbs organic molecules labeled with carbon 14 and those isotopes are transformed in carbon 15, the subsequent transmutation into nitrogen would impair enzymes and proteins inside the tumor. 


By the way, there are already companies that market amino acids labeled with sulphur radioisotopes. I believe that by merely allowing cancer cells to absorb enough labeled amino acids, tumors could stop growing, metastasis could be prevented if cysteine proteases are assembled with L-cys labeled with sulphur 35.


I hope my research can save lives!


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