Multiple tumours & waiting on final diagnosis

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Multiple tumours & waiting on final diagnosis

Hi, My partner has been diagnosed with a variety of tumours throughout his brain & body. He had no symptoms & the tumours were only discovered by a fantastic Dr taking the tests to the next step. 

My partner has lots of little & 1 larger tumours in his brain, 1 on his lung, 1 on his liver, 1 on his bladder & thickening of the bladder.  These were found after 2 CT scans of his brain, an MRI of his brain, a CT scan of his chest. A PET scan has been done and a biopsy is being done on Monday to hopefully tell us where they all started & what stage they are.

The hospital is 2hr drive from our home & with Covid I can't visit him when I go up which is very frustrating for both us. All we want to do is have a cuddle 😞 

We know it will be a long road ahead. 

Just wondering if anyone else knows someone how had multiple tumours & how they coped?

To top this off, My baby sister is now only weeks away from her death due to Peritoneal carcinoma with extensive abdominal & pelvic lymphatic secondaries.

For some reason I knew 2022 was going to be a horrible year.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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