Mum has stage 4 lung cancer

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Mum has stage 4 lung cancer

Hi everyone.


My names cath. I'm a 35 year old single female who's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in early April this year.


I was living in Melb already planning on moving back after 8 years down there and got the unexpected news mum had a lung and brain leision. So I finished packing up my flat and got up here. Sha was admitted to hosp on the Wednesday and I was here Friday evening. We waited for emergency surgery to remove the brain leision which happened over the weekend on my 35 birthday.


Surgery went well. She came home. We found out from the pet it was in her chest lymph nodes and breast. She started chemo. After first cycle ct showed lung leision shrunk from 10cm to 7.6cm. No sign of breast leision or anything in brain.


She tolerated the first two rounds of chemo quite well and began having more energy. The 'cancer smell' disappeared and she only lost half her hair (thinned) the last round of chemo she had to have a pic line in as her veins are collapsing. Chemo seemed to hit her hard and fast and she hasn't seemed to have picked up or improved since then - last week.


At first she had no signs whatsoever of having lung cancer. No cough. Her spirometory was perfect. She has quit smoking now. It's both small and large cell and she will be having radio after the 4th chemo cycle. The only symptoms and had were the neuro symptoms and fatigue. She still has the fatigue and now a cough and breathlessness. At first they said 4-6 months then the processor her oncologist said cause she was so healthy otherwise a year +.


I'm scared she is getting worse not better. Im starting to feel depressed (am already on treatment for depression anxiety). Thus reaching out and joining on here. It's been a whirlwind 2 months. But the prospect of losing my Mother scares me so much. Can anyone suggest any support groups etc in the st George area? I know there is one at our hosp but it's on the day we usually have her chemo and professor appointments.


Thanks for reading ❤️

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