My husband had Oesophagectomy for early stage adenocarcinoma Oesophageal Cancer.

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My husband had Oesophagectomy for early stage adenocarcinoma Oesophageal Cancer.

I was hoping to connect with people of similar experience. Really would like to hear of others who have been through surgery for Oesophageal Cancer. My husband had Oesophagectomy in Sept 2014 and is still having many complications. His cancer was found in early stage with a good prognosis but complications from surgery have taken its toll on his quality of life. Looking forward to hearing others stories so I can have a greater understanding as a carer.
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Re: My husband had Oesophagectomy for early stage ...

I had surgery for Oesophageal Cancer back in Early February 2015. I was in hospital for two weeks. I was home for two days and was taken back to hospital for a lung infection due to a chest drain puncturing my lung. I have always been a fit person, not overweight, never smoked. These days I am trying to put on weight, which is a challenge in itself. As the "runny tummy" (as someone called it politely the other day) makes it hard to enjoy a meal. During the last three months I have had two dialation procedures done. Nothing worst than having food stuck in your oesophagus, food wont go down, fluid will not get through. I can not wait till I have my strength back to the way I was. Would like to know general info relating to the challenges others had and how long it takes to get your strength back to normal.
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