Need recommendations for an awesome GP or General Physician to oversee my Dad's care

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Need recommendations for an awesome GP or General Physician to oversee my Dad's care

My beautiful father was dx with neuroendocrine tumours in Sep 2013. He has been responding well to treatment but has other health issues due to his age and the side effects of the mountain of medication he needs to take. What he needs is an awesome GP or General Physician who will take a holistic view of him and his physical and mental health. His current GP does the minimum and my Dad often ends up in hospital with bowel/bladder problems - which really impacts on his mental health. I myself know that there are amazing GPs out there (I have one, who oversees my care, advocates for me and discusses with me the need to see other specialists : nutritionist/podiatrist since I was dx with mets in August of last year) but I live interstate, so obviously he cannot see my doctor! My mother, who cares for my father - is quite despondent at the piecemeal treatment my father receives, and to honest when I hear their stories about their current GP - I just shake my head. So what I want to know, can anyone recommend a GP or General Physician in Adelaide (Northern suburbs) that could do an awesome job of overseeing my Dad's care and putting my Mum's mind at ease? Thank you Sky-lar
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