Pain and weight loss after surgery for pancreatic surgery?

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Pain and weight loss after surgery for pancreatic surgery?

Hi, I have just joined this group and hope someone maybe able to help, or at least provide some peace of mind. My mum has recently had major exploratory surgery in which pancreatic cancer was discovered. She didn’t have a whipple but had 80% of her pancreas removed, her spleen removed and 20% of her stomach removed, as well as various vessels and nerves. She’s now just over 4 wks post- surgery and is still struggling. We have sought out a dietitian and she now has a few things she can eat. However, she is still losing weight and often experiences pain when eating - though it’s hard to predict when this might be or what foods might cause it. Given the size of the surgery, I’m not as surprised as she is, but I’m not the one living with constant pain. She’s starting to become quite despondent as she’s never had more than a cold before. 
I’d love to hear any other experiences of recovery from major surgery such as this, even just as reassurance that this sounds ‘normal’

Thanks so much.

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Re: Pain and weight loss after surgery for pancreatic surgery?

Hi Amy - I facilitate a pancreatic cancer support group and we have a couple of people who attend and have had similar surgery and may be happy to share their experiences. In addition at our next meeting we have a dietitian speaking. The next meeting is on Thursday 12th May and it is held via Zoom so if you are interested I could give you the details. Milton

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