Rectal wound healing after Stoma operation and bum sewn up

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Rectal wound healing after Stoma operation and bum sewn up

Hi Everyone, Not sure if anyone can help me.. My partner has just had a permanently colostomy with his rectum removed and sewn up. I can't remember the name of it. Forgive my ignorance. Anyway, his rectal wound broke down slightly while in hospital which resulted in him staying for 4 weeks rather than 10 days after the operation. He is now home, and the smell coming from his rectal wound is so overbearing that I can barely stand to be in the same room (of course I don't let him know this and I stay with him etc). The pain is also now so unbearable that he can't have the nurse that visits each day for dressing changes, come anywhere near him. I wanted to hear from anyone that has experience with this surgery to know if this is normal? Being the rectum, I know it produces mucous and the huge wound will continue to ooze while healing, but the smell and pain being so extensive would indicate a bad infection to me... He refuses to see a doctor and won't listen to my concerns, so I just want someone to tell me its normal and ease my mind (Or that its not so I can force him to the doctor/hospital). Sorry for the epic post. Any help appreciated!!! Kelly
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