Treatment options for testicular cancer

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Treatment options for testicular cancer

Hi there. I'm needing some help. My partner, 29, has been diagnosed with stage 1 non seminoma testicular cancer. He had his orchidectomy a few weeks ago and we saw the oncologist yesterday to discuss follow up treatment. He has been given the option of monitering with monthly blood tests and 3 monthly ct scans or 2 cycles of chemo.If he chooses monitering, the chance of it re-occuring are 25% and with chemo it would drop to 1%. He is leaning toward the monitering option as the thought of the chemo is too much to handle. I am very concerned as his bloods before his op showed no cancer markers and so I'm worried his monthly blood tests as part of the monitering will be useless. Has anyone got any personal experience or knowledge of these two choices of treatments. He is a statistics man so he sees it as he has a 75% chance of it not re-occuring. His tumor was 14mm, 95% Embryonal Carcenoma 5% Teratoma, and seemed to be contained. his ct scans were also clear before op. we would both really appreciate any advice anyone can offer us. We have a week to decide.
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