Venetoclax - Chronix lymphotic leukaemia - What happens next?

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Venetoclax - Chronix lymphotic leukaemia - What happens next?

I am writing here to see if anyone has been in this situation and may know who I could speak to or where I can turn now.  My father has had CLL for many years now and was on Venetoclax for a period of 2 years.  That has come to an end as of about 2 months ago and his haematologist is suggesting that there is no further avenue of treatment post venetoclax.  She had previously placed him on a list where he cannot undergo chemotherapy again due to the reaction he had to it previously.  


Since being off of the Venetoclax he has started to have other health issues with his gall bladder and heart.  I guess the confusion/frustration I have can you take away every lifeline that a human being has to get well (or at least live out your remaining years more comfortably) and just send them away to figure it out on their own.  Is there some way to appeal this?  somewhere to seek another opinion? The cost of the tablets when not subsidised by the PBS is astronomical at ~$8,000 for 120 tablets. 



How come the government will only subsidise it for 2 years when they throw money around willie nillie overseas, on useless bridges, or on 20 year fit, health lazy so n so's who just don't want to work and they neglect our elderly who paid taxes their whole life and raised families who do the same.   


Any help would be appreciated or thoughts from your own experiences.


Kind Regards,



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