preparing for the end

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preparing for the end

I have been through surgery and radiation and chemo and will not do this round again - I am incredibely grateful for the extra years of life that have been given to me through this medical intervention and this gift of life has highlighted the joys of my relationship with my husband and two daughters and the grandchildren. I have not yet shared with them my curent symptoms but it does not look good (I had stage 3 rectal cancer) and now I feel an incredible sadness and just a little lonliness. . I am well aware that it is also difficult for family and immediate carers and will share with them and hopefully support them in due course but at the moment this is my walk and I would love to hear from others in my position. I guess coming to terms with our own morbidity is by its very nature a lonely way but I am sure that even at this end of life wisdom can be gained by the sharing with others. If you would like to talk to me I would love to hear from you
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