Dad died from postoperative haemorrhage month after Full Whipple

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Dad died from postoperative haemorrhage month after Full Whipple

My world has been shattered. My beautiful father passed away as they prepped him for emergency surgery to treat an infection last Sunday night (a week and a day ago) . He was going to have his infection treated . This is all we knew. They told us the operation was risky and he was a sick man we started making some calls. As I was on the phone my dad was rushed past me and I saw the darling man was in his final moments after suffering a major haemorrhage. I won’t ever forget that final scene with my dad. How can someone who had to undergo twelve rounds of chemo to prepare for a Whipple die a month later from the operation that was meant to save his life or at least give us more time with him. I am just devastated. He was the best dad to me and my siblings and the best husband to my mum ever . A beautiful wonderful gorgeous kind calm gentle man. Absolutely devastated. Pancreatic cancer is horrific. 

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