Dealing with grief and extended family

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Dealing with grief and extended family

On the 24th of March 2020 I lost my dad to Cancer. I’m really struggling with coping with my loss and also at the fact that due to my parents not being together I have had to deal with my dad’s family who have not been nice! 
My sister lives in Darwin and I’m in NSW and I can’t cope with that either. 
I am finding myself bursting into tears all the time over silly things! 

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Re: Dealing with grief and extended family

Greetings Loz24,


Let me just first welcome you to our forums, you have just found an family to explain or express any concerns about your feelings. Everyone here has experienced or understanding what exactly you are going through. There's no need to be sad, it's okay - we're here for you. I understanding that your family is far away but they are just an call away from you or an e-mail don't be scared to reach out. Crying over the natural things are normal - it could be anything a book, a certain park or area or even a simple favourite flower. This is apart of the normal grieving process and it has no time limit but it does eventually grown into acceptance and loving memories - remember that.


Plus this is a journey time, so please remember to reach out to us anytime or anything you need. This is what your designed for after all. Everyone together. 

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