New here and only found this site after I lost Mum

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New here and only found this site after I lost Mum

Hi, I only found this site after my Mum lost her battle with ovarian cancer a couple of weeks ago. I wish I found it sooner after her diagnosis 14 months ago. I wonder if we could have done more to save her if I had asked the right questions on this forum regarding her treatment plan. This is a hard thought to live with, as is the thought of going on without Mum. Yes I am a middle-aged adult but right now I feel like a child who has lost their dearest Mum.
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Re: New here and only found this site after I lost Mum

Hope4MyMum What and If two separate words, put them together and they can create all sort of doubts and scenarios, could you have done more to help Mum?I am sure you would have done all in your power to help your Mum to ease her suffering,It is very hard watching a loved ones life slowly ebb away from you very painful, let the natural grief process begin when you are ready, and please have no what ifs, sorry for your Mum's passing. kj
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