cancer is unforgiving

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cancer is unforgiving

In 2006 my grandmother passed away aged 68 from multiple myeloma after fighting for 5 years. Now there are better treatment options, that she unfortunately missed out on. 

In dec 2022 her son (my dad) was diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer. He is only 62 and still wants to fight. The oncologist recently told him that treatment / chemo won't work for him anymore and will soon begin palliative care. I know there is a new treatment for pancreatic cancer that is in a phase 2 clinical trial. Unfortunately my dad will miss out on this too. 

My family are all devastated and I just feel sad all of the time. 

Cancer and grief are unpleasant. I am trying to turn this sadness into motivation, so that I can be a voice on behalf of my dad and grandmother to bring awareness and  to make sure that more funding and research continue so that there will be better treatment options for others in the future. 

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