Hi - are there support groups in Canberra

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Hi - are there support groups in Canberra

Hi I am Anne (63) and my GP told me last Friday evening I had a "mass" in my pancreas - she has organised a biopsy and a specialist whom I will be seeing next Wednesday. I got over that as there are 3 things that it could be 2 of which could be benign. I had to pick up the films today to take to the specialist next week and the report was included, which was sealed so I read it. I'm a bit of a mess now as the reports says I have cholangiocarcinoma with 3 metastasis with suspicious para-aortic and portal lymph nodes. My GP is on holidays now and the specialist is not in Canberra this week so I have no way to ask questions.
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Re: Hi - are there support groups in Canberra

Hi Anne, Sounds like you have been dealt a nasty hand to play out. Here is a link to some info about support groups in Canberra: http://www.health.act.gov.au/our-services/cancer-services/patients-and-visitors/support-groups-and-networks I hope you see one there that suits you! Feel free to message me on here if you want to chat. Sending good vibes and healing thoughts Nell 🙂
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