Hi there


Hi there

Hello, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer about 10 weeks ago, in this time I have learnt that the BC has spread to my bones.  HR positive.  
It’s  been a very difficult time and a completely new world to try and process. 
I have had radiation on my spine and a rod and pin inserted in my femur bone, also having follow up radiation on that area. 
I am about to start a trial and was wondering if anyone had started this trial. OP - 1250.  

Thank you! 



Re: Hi there

Hi Rowie


I haven't had breast cancer.  But I had pretty advanced head and neck cancer.   Yes it's a new world.   I had 35 radiation treatments, and 7 rounds of cisplaton.  Really tough treatment to get through and fairly high recurrence rate and pretty much considered terminal if it comes back because radiation can't be done again.  I'm nearly three years out of treatment and looking good though.  


Hope your treatment is succeeding and isn't too brutal


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