I've just been diagnosed - where can I go for information?

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I've just been diagnosed - where can I go for information?

A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. It is common to feel a mixture of strong emotions, but everyone is different and finds their own way to cope. Cancer Council has a range of reliable, accurate and up to date information that may help inform and support you.

Information your way

Different people prefer to get cancer information in different ways – you may choose to look at web content, listen to a podcast or watch a webinar.

  • Web information – you can access on a computer, smartphone or tablet, it’s easy to search and follow up other topics of interest
  • Audio podcasts – you can listen anywhere, anytime, and do other things while you are listening, helpful if you are busy or tired or don’t enjoy reading
  • Webinars – you can watch a panel discussion featuring experts and people who have experienced cancer.

We have information on different cancer types, treatment options and treatment side effects, as well as useful tips for dealing with the impact of a cancer diagnosis, both during treatment and afterwards. Whatever your cancer question and however you like to get your information, check out our different information resources (and let your family and friends know about them too).

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Caring for someone with cancer?

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