Just got diagnosed with uterine cancer

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Just got diagnosed with uterine cancer


After struggling for years with trying to conceive, I've finally had a test result come up with results. Endometrial carcinoma. I am terrified and heartbroken that my dream of parenthood will be taken from me at the age of 36. And that's just the best case scenario. I'm at a loss of what to do or how to feel, and driving myself crazy waiting for follow up tests to establish how far progressed it is.  I can't sleep, and every sensation I feel makes me want to crawl out of my skin. 

Thanks to anyone who reads this, I just kind of wanted a place to vent.


Re: Just got diagnosed with uterine cancer

Very sorry to hear that, it's a terrible blow. Come here and "vent" whenever you feel like it, it does help. But you can also ring the Cancer Council number 131120. They provide a lot of advice and support. I've found them very helpful. Wishing you all the best.

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Re: Just got diagnosed with uterine cancer

Hi Grandia,


I'm terribly sorry for your diagnosis and for your trouble conceiving.  That's a really rough time.  The time between diagnosis and waiting for test results is the hardest.  It's a space in time of the unknown.  Can you talk to your GP about giving you something to sleep?  Sleep deprivation is incredibly hard and there's nothing worse than a cancer diagnosis and sleep deprivation combined.  


I've found that most people do better once they know exactly what their diagnosis is, the results of test and surgery, chemotherapy or radiation organised.  Once you know the plan, you know what is ahead of you and can release some of the stress.


I wish you well on your journey.  

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Re: Just got diagnosed with uterine cancer

Thank you! I have since received a lot of information.  

The good news is it's contained to the endometrium, not in the muscle yet  and no migration to the lymphnodes or organs. Though they did find a cyst in my chest as well, awaiting diagnostics on that now.

Been trying CBD oils to help with sleeping relatively effectively.  

I have also been referred to the team that will be doing my procedures.

I appreciate the input!

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