Melanoma cancer in groin pelvic wall and liver

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Melanoma cancer in groin pelvic wall and liver

Hi Im new here but not new to cancer. Ok I’ve been lucky, had melanoma 5 years ago removed by surgery no other treatment required, had ovarian cancer 18months ago full hysterectomy no other treatment required. I’ve been diagnosed over last few months following numerous tests with metastatic melanoma in groin pelvic wall and liver. Just started targeted immunotherapy tablets and already feeling sick. I’d love to hear and share stories with anyone as I’m reaching out for support this time (last two times I was very alone in the journey). Trying to stay positive. Thanks in advance xox


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Re: Melanoma cancer in groin pelvic wall and liver

Hello ...


I am not cancer patient, but I did lots of research and found out so many things.


I concluded drugs NOT only will NOT help you and will put unnecessary loads to your organs, I am referring to all sort of drugs! All comes with side effect. If you observe you will see many get worse month by month.


Priority is you need to have your mind straighten, not just thinking positive but also believe in what your are doing is right. Your state of mind is very crucial, not how bad your condition is ... according to Dr. Bruce Lipton. Then follow by treating the symptoms, totally not necessary by taking drugs. There are so many natural ways out there, you just need to pick one and stick to it.


Our body is the most powerful machine on earth, we actually don't need many things that doctor suggest.


Your body is just strong enough to go through the 2 treatment, not how you were treated. So, don't go to the point your body no longer able to take it.


References ... these are just few of the hundred I seen that talk more sense than top doctors!


Bless you ....



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Re: Melanoma cancer in groin pelvic wall and liver

Hi Christine,


That's a very rough journey!  Yes, stay positive because you need to be.  I hope you have the best medical advice you can right now.  It's a really difficult time to be going through this.  I've read a great deal of immunotherapy research and it's good that you are getting treatment.  Even if it's making you sick right now remember the goal is to kill these cancer cells.  I have not had immunotherapy or chemotherapy so can't help you with that.  I just know this is a scary journey to be on and can offer you support.  This is a good forum with many lovely people on it.  


Wish you all good things and hope your treatment is effective.  Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.  Are you confined at home and do you have someone to help you through this?  These are scary and lonely times we're going through because of Covid-19.  Make yourself a plan of action of what to do when your anxiety is high.  Walking is really effective and good for you, if you're not feeling too sick.  Just work out what will get you through.  Good luck.

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