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Hello everyone, my names Krystal boyd and my cancer journey started in September. Last Wednesday I had a wider excision done and had a lymph noid biopsy. I'm currently so so sore and feeling pretty down ever since 'tis all happened. It's funny cause for the first time in my life everything was perfect I was so happy and I still am just scared now I guess. I have to wait till the 31st for my results which is a massive wait. I'm lucky my mum and sister have flown up to where I live to help with my little girl as I'm to sore. My brislow thickness was 1.8mm and Clark level 4. Has anyone else in here had similar? What was your outcome ???
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Re: Melanoma

Hi Krystal, i have stage 4 melanoma but its a bit different to you because its in my brain was discovered in march this year (2016). I understand how hard it is to wait for results i had to wait over a month for my results after i had brain surgery, i had only just gone back to work after maternity leave and everything in my life was finally going well but i have found that staying positive and trying to do what i can with my daughter and getting help from my parents. by now you would of gotten your results and i really hope it works out for you. Dannielle xox

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