New to all of this!

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New to all of this!

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and start chemo next week. I am really scared and cannot find a positive thought to make the start of treatment easier. Any suggestions?
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Re: New to all of this!

Hello, I cannot speak of experience with breast cancer or chemo, as I had cancer of the uterus and only needed radiation, both of which are so different to you. There are groups on here. I joined the gyno cancer group and twice a month we have a "live" chat, tonight we are having our first one for the year. If you want to talk to someone, call the helpline 131120 and ask for Cancer Connect. I am also a volunteer for the that. They will take your details and match you up with a volunteer that has experienced the same cancer or treatment. Contact is one on one over the phone and of course - confidential. I am also a volunteer at our local Cancer Council Information Centre, which is part of our local cancer care centre, I speak to people about their cancers, but not directly about mine.I am in NSW. I think personally apart from speaking to your treating doctor or at the centre where you are having treatment, the helpline would be a great start for you. Speaking from personal experience they are really helpful, and the person you speak to on that line is a fully qualified oncology nurse. Hope this helps you. All the best. Please feel free if you want to.
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