Newly diagnosed bowel cancer after emergency surgery for obstructed bowel.

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Newly diagnosed bowel cancer after emergency surgery for obstructed bowel.

Hello everyone, My name is Tanya, I'm 39 years old, wife, mother of 2 kids Nathan (17) and Breanna (15). My specialist found a tumour 2 weeks ago today. The very next day it fully obstructed my bowel and I had emergency surgery to remove the tumour and lymph nodes. I was diagnosed with an Adenocarcinoma T3-N2 stage 3. I now have an ileostomy which I will have for the duration of chemotherapy which will be 6 months. I have no family history and had very little symptoms. I am starting chemo (Folfox)next week. I would love to hear from anybody as I am so new to this cancer thing. I am doing ok and slowly but surely my family is coming to terms with the situation. My daughter is doing Shave for a Cure on the 4th of December and shaving off her gorgeous long ginger hair. Anyway, would love to hear from you.
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Hi Tanya I have had my bowel tumour removed, ileostomy for 5 months and reversal, chemo and radiotherapy. It's a tough battle but keep working your way through it. Make sure you talk to your health care team if you have any treatment reactions, there are many different anti-nausea treatments available, so change if it isn't working. Chemo can make you ill and very tired so good rest and nutrition can really help. I find frequent small, light meals make me feel the best during chemo. Hopefully you won't have many symptoms. Good luck with your treatment. Kim
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