Possibility of a cluster

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Possibility of a cluster

A month ago before lockdown i caught up with some work colleagues for our old boss' 70th. No one had been together for nearly twenty years. I discovered that the last person I knew of who worked in a central office in a building in North Sydney also had just been going through throat cancer. Every single person who sat in this central office in this building on the 13th floor has had cancer. They are either dead or in remission or coping with it. A total of  six people. Does anyone know anything about clusters and how I report it? This particular section of the building should be investigated.


Re: Possibility of a cluster

There will be a work health and safety office in Sydney. You should be able to report it to them for investigation. They may require some details to give them cause to look into it, such as the names of people affected and what has resulted. Give them a ring and they should let you know what information is required.

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