Scared cancer has spread to my leg? should I go to another GP?

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Scared cancer has spread to my leg? should I go to another GP?

I recently been diagnosed with colon cancer, I'm waiting to see an oncologist.

I'm very nervous and scared.

I've only had one initial CT scan so far that showed no signs of tumours else where (it scanned my upper body).


Hoever, over the last week i've noticed my left leg feels really sore. My thigh is tight and my calf is tight. I'm beginning to limp a bit. I'm really scared the cancer has spread to my bones that make things incurable.


I  went to the GP and he said don't worry about it and told me to take pain killers but im really worried. Could this be the end? If its in my bone its incurable its really over for me.


I know people will think maybe it's a muscle strian or something but i exercise a lot and go for long walks and never felt this before and nothing i've done recently has warranted this pain. My leg just feels really heavy and fatigued. 


I'm really scared what could it mean?

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